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Hi, my name is Avis and I am an explorer based in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy introducing my discoveries that I have attained from wandering in the fields of fashion and textile, through perceptible materials and physical experiences. I have received my Bachelor of Fine Art degree with Material Art and Design major, specializing in textile at OCAD University. I take pleasure soaking myself in questions that  investigate and challenge the possibility of materials and the world while exploring storytelling through the exploration of non-traditional materials. (Yes, it is a simultaneously happened process!) 

I believe life presents itself in many different ways, things can always go beyond what you imagine. Never stopped exploring and always seeking for possibilities has become a tendency of mine. I deem my discoveries/works are mostly nonverbal communications. Through the discoveries, I would like to push people, the audience to think. To think broader and deeper, to observe their inner-self through interacting with physical, perceptible experiences.

So, what physical and perceptible experiences can bring to you and what is beyond the experience, thoughts?

I am available for local and oversea projects and collaborations as well as potential employment opportunities. For more information on my work, CV, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, or to just say hey, feel free to get in touch.

artworks and designs by AVIS YU HAN HO, 2011-2017 ©

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